Friday, March 20, 2009

SOA and Cricket

It has been a long while since I put together a blog posting. This has been for a number of reasons both personal and professional. But one reason has been the game of cricket.

I have two sons that are good at cricket and play for a local club. Most of the English-speaking world knows what Cricket is. For the Americans who may read this it is a bit like baseball. You use a bat and a ball and not much happens for long periods of time. Unlike baseball it can be played over several days for up to six hours a day. Much of my time has been involved in watching the game played by my sons but also watching the televised games between the Australian national team and the South African national team.

Progress is made slowly in cricket and it is often not clear whether you are winning until near the end of the game. The players need to stay focused on what they are trying to achieve and there are a whole range specialists (batters, bowlers and fieldsman) involved. SOA is much the same. It takes time. Since my last blog I can report some real progress from my organization but we have still only completed a small part of the journey. We need to stay focused on the desired SOA outcomes and we are gradually building a set of skills and relationships that are required to bring SOA to fruition.

I intend to prepare more blog postings shortly. The cricket season is over and the hot spell in South Australia has passed. Meanwhile my organization has completed a number of projects and has embarked on more which will advance its SOA so I have some content to provide and hopefully the motivation to provide it.

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